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Alex Connolly, CTO of Immutable, on Onboarding 3.5 Billion People to Web3 Gaming

Alex Connolly is the CTO and Co-Founder of Immutable. Alex has been passionate about in-game assets his entire life. At 9, he wrote scripts to gather pricing data from the Runescape grand exchange.  At 13, he was the top contributor to the largest TF2 item pricing website in the world. Alex invented the most scalable system for creating NFTs ever designed, which has been used to create millions of Gods Unchained cards with no network impact on Ethereum.

Alex graduated high school as the equal-highest-ranked student in Australia. A couple of years later, he joined Immutable after dropping out of a combined Computer Science & Law degree at the University of Sydney, where he was building a blockchain-agnostic programming language for smart contract VMs.

Alex believes that virtual worlds built using blockchain assets will be better, fairer, and more just than current digital economies. In fact, he thinks programmable assets will be ‘realer’ than physical assets.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Partnership with GameStop and Tiktok
- How ImmutableX is powering digital asset ownership
- Powering Web3 games
- Importance of layer2's
- ImmutableX's suite of products that allows Web3 games to scale
- IMX token
- ImmutableX in the future
- How we can onboard the next million gamers to Web3
- Gaming economies
- Runescape in-game economy