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Singer Akon Discusses Bitcoin, but Not All are Satisfied

During an interview published today, singer, actor and entrepreneur, Akon, said that cryptocurrency is more stable than fiat currency, than USD, and that a person can buy anything they want with Bitcoin “because it’s just as equally valuable as the dollar because the people say it is”.

While most people can’t really understand the technology behind the crypto and blockchain, as they are not educated in those specific areas, Akon believes that that education isn’t necessary to understand the security process and trust aspect of it.

“Nothing backs the dollar. The U.S. has no natural resources that backs that dollar […] Now, what they do have to back it is the military, that's who backs the dollar," he said, adding “It’s worth something because we say it’s worth something.”

Interestingly, people’s opinions are split when it comes to his statements, with some claiming he understands the matter at hand, others saying he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and then there are those who find that his "beginner" level of knowledge and explanation of crypto are enough for spread of awareness.