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How to Buy Gas Wizard (GWIZ) in 2024 – Step-by-Step

Kliment Dukovski
Last updated: | 5 min read

Gas Wizard is an exciting new crypto project aiming to use blockchain technology to offer discounts and reward users at gas and EV charging stations worldwide. The goal is to offset the surging gas prices using the platform’s native token GWIZ.

Our how-to-buy Gas Wizard token (GWIZ) guide goes into detail on how to set up your crypto wallet and to secure your GWIZ token allocation.

How to Buy Gas Wizard (GWIZ) in 4 Easy Steps

Buying GWIZ tokens is a straightforward process. Here’s how to do it in four steps:

Step 1: Get a Crypto Wallet

You need a crypto wallet to begin. We recommend using MetaMask as this is the most popular crypto wallet used by over 100 million people worldwide.

Visit the MetaMask website and select “Download”. You’ll be taken to browser extensions to install it. MetaMask supports Chrome, Brave, Edge, Firefox, and Opera.

metamask crypto wallet

Once you have the MetaMask browser extension installed, create a new account. Make sure to write down the seed phrase, known as the private keys – and never share it with anyone. Also, don’t photograph it as your smartphone and computer could be compromised in the future.

Step 2: Buy ETH or BNB

Visit a reputable exchange like Coinbase, Binance or Kraken and buy ETH or BNB. Depending on whether you use Ethereum or Binance chains to buy GWIZ, you need either ETH or BNB to pay the gas fees. You can buy GWIZ tokens using these altcoins or you can buy it with USDT and USDC.

Once you have ETH or BNB, visit your exchange account profile and select “Withdraw”. Use the account you created in MetaMask as the receiving address.

Note: If you use BNB, make sure to switch to the Binance chain on MetaMask by clicking the Ethereum logo at the top left corner in your wallet.

Step 3: Connect Your Wallet to the Presale Site

Visit the Gas Wizard presale site and connect your wallet. Select the blockchain you wish to use – Ethereum or Binance – and select the currency.

gas wizard presale

There are multiple options, including the main blockchain coins ETH and BNB, as well as stablecoins like USDT and USDC.

Step 4: Buy GWIZ Tokens

The minimum purchase you can make is $50. Once you enter the amount you want to spend, select “Buy now”. After the purchase is complete, your tokens will be locked in the smart contract.

Before the token launches on decentralized exchanges, you’ll get 20% of your total tokens. The remaining tokens will be airdropped monthly at 10% of your total amount.

Visit Gas Wizard

What is Gas Wizard?

Gas Wizard is a crypto project that aims to revolutionize the way users interact with gas stations and EV charging stations worldwide. The main problem this project aims to solve is the surging gas prices, which in the US alone are 60% higher than in 2020. With tensions in the Middle East, fuel prices may rise further.

There are several solutions outlined in the Gas Wizard whitepaper:

  • Cost reduction by using the blockchain for management and transactions.
  • Loyalty program and rewards for users that interact with partner gas stations.
  • Transparency and real-time transaction processing that are always available on the blockchain.
  • Security through immutable blockchain transactions for all participants.
  • Business opportunities for companies to leverage their own loyalty programs.

Additionally, Gas Wizard will offer staking rewards once the token is listed on exchanges. This could be an excellent way to lower your gas prices, especially since the team plans to allow users to spend their GWIZ tokens at gas/EV stations.

gas wizards presale site

Gas Wizard aims to gamify some aspects of its program by using the community to actively add gas prices at stations worldwide through the GasWizard Challenge. This is designed to help Gas Wizard users find the best gas prices while rewarding users tracking the prices.

The native cryptocurrency of the Gas Wizard ecosystem is the GWIZ token, which is designed to benefit investors and users. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, GWIZ will launch on the Uniswap DEX once the presale ends.

The main use cases of GWIZ are to:

  • Provide passive income by staking the token.
  • Reward active users of the Gas Wizard ecosystem with discounts and free gas tank giveaways.
  • Membership access for the top 100 GWIZ holders to a private investor club.
  • Get cash back, discounts and more by using the GWIZ token.
  • Pay for fuel with GWIZ tokens to earn rewards on these transactions.

Gas Wizard Tokenomics

The Gas Wizard token will have a total supply of 5 billion. Its initial price will be $0.01 per token. However, the price will increase with each of the 10 stages during the presale, making it prudent to buy early if you’re planning to participate in the presale anyway.

gas wizard tokenomics

150 million tokens will be allocated for the presale, and the same amount will be allocated for the public sale, while the treasury will retain 10%.

Staking and platform rewards will get a combined 30% of the total token supply, meaning a large portion will go to active Gas Wizard users.

To bring in more users, the team has allocated 20% of the total token supply for marketing purposes.

Gas Wizard Roadmap

The team has set up a detailed roadmap for 2024 and 2025 that will run in four phases:

  1. Building the token, setting up the presale site and starting the marketing campaign.
  2. Public presale that will last to Q4 2024 along with DEX listing, partnerships, and developing the mobile app.
  3. Public launch of the mobile app and CEX listing in Q1 2025, plus a 1-year free fuel giveaway.
  4. Onboarding new partners, launching the GWIZ NFT collection, and expanding worldwide.

The Gas Wizard App is one of the main features of this project designed to be the main point of interaction between users and the Gas Wizard ecosystem. The app will feature a lowest gas price locator to help users save money. It will also show Gas Wizard-supported EV chargers, so you could better plan your route.

gas wizard app

The Gas Wizard team also plans to release a play-to-earn game where users could challenge players with GWIZ tokens at stake. There are multiple game modes planned, such as racing, battle and puzzles where you can compete and battle to take GWIZ tokens from your opponent.


Gas Wizard is a new crypto project designed to help you save money on your fuel costs via rewards, discounts and real-time gas prices.

You can buy its GWIZ token during the presale, starting with a price of $0.01 apiece, which will gradually go up. All you need to buy the token is a crypto wallet like MetaMask to connect to the presale site, and ETH, BNB, WBTC, USDT or USDC to complete the purchase.

Visit Gas Wizard


Where Can I Buy Gas Wizard?

Buy the GWIZ tokens in the Gas Wizard presale site.

How Do You Buy Gas Wizard Tokens?

Connect your Ethereum wallet to the Gas Wizard presale site and use ETH, BNB, USDT, USDC or WBTC to complete the purchase.


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