05 March 2021 · 0 min read

Why The New Internet Will Be Built on Bitcoin

In this video, Jason Yanowitz of BlockWorks Group interviews Muneeb Ali, Co-Founder of the Stacks Project (formerly Blockstacks) and CEO of Hiro. They talk about Muneeb’s upbringing in Pakistan and the sacrifices his family made to get him his first computer, military dictatorship vs democratic rule, how he lied about a grant to get a job in Sweden and then ran out of money, and why it’s better to build on Bitcoin than create a new chain.


00:00 ・ Introductions
01:12 ・ Early childhood and getting his first computer
06:27 ・ Growing up under a dictatorship in Pakistan
12:24 ・ Un-learning propaganda through the internet
17:34 ・ Faking a grant to leave Pakistan
20:53 ・ Running out of money in Sweden
25:33 ・ The emotional impact of securing his first $10 million
29:21 ・ Letting Stacks take on a life of its own
33:17 ・ Pitfalls of Ethereum, and why Stacks is on Bitcoin
40:25 ・ Separating with Stacks' Co-Founder
42:29 ・ RAPID FIRE – What's web 3.0?
45:11 ・ RAPID FIRE – Who's your favorite founder?
46:15 ・ RAPID FIRE – What do you want to be remembered for?
46:52 ・ JASON ANSWERS – How is social media changing the media landscape?

The episode premiered on March 4, 2021.