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Why Bitcoin’s December Price Target Is Now ‘Above USD 300,000’

In this interview, crypto journalist and host of Unchained Podcast, Laura Shin, moderates a panel at Real Vision's "Crypto Gathering' with prominent traders - Peter L Brandt, veteran trader and publisher of the Factor Report, and Willy Woo, prominent on-chain Bitcoin analyst and author of the “The Bitcoin Forecast,” a market intelligence newsletter. They talk about Bitcoin charts, trading, and how Bitcoin is evolving as an asset. Read More

Episode timestamps:

0:00 - Welcome to Unchained.
2:02 - Why Peter believes that, with Bitcoin, we are watching history in the making and what a “parabolic advance” has to do with that belief.
6:36 - The differences in trading Bitcoin, which trades 24/7/365, in comparison to a normal asset - like a stock or commodity.
8:37 - Willy’s price target for the top of this bull run.
12:12 - Why Willy thinks there is a Bitcoin supply shock.
15:09 - The reason Peter does not think Bitcoin is a bubble.
17:23 - Why Willy believes we are witnessing the birth of a new monetary system.
21:24 - The state of Bitcoin adoption and how fast adoption will grow.
27:02 - Peter’s crypto journey and why he measures wealth in Bitcoin instead of dollars.
31:33 - Why Peter thinks we are prisoners of war to the fiat system and how Bitcoin fixes this.
33:43 - What sort of volatility both Peter and Willy expect going forward from Bitcoin.
39:35 - How Peter feels about the laser eyes trend on Crypto Twitter.
41:33 - Tips for aspiring chartists and traders.

The episode premiered on April 13, 2021.

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