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Why Bitcoin is Global Money with Jack Mallers

In this interview, Peter McCormack, host of What Bitcoin Did podcast, talks to Jack Mallers, CEO of Strike. They discuss the Lightning Network as a medium of exchange, the power of open networks, and how the Bitcoin rails change remittance.

Episode timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
03:34 How Lightning is being used in El Salvador
11:21 Is Lightning a threat to Visa?
16:56 Bitcoin as a global medium of exchange
23:03 The network effect of Bitcoin
29:29 How Strike is changing remittance
35:21 How Strike uses the Lightning Network as a monetary network
42:12 When will Strike be available globally
45:27 Buying Bitcoin with Strike
58:05 Building the biggest company on the planet

“Never before have we had a monetary network that all you need is an internet connection and by plugging in and operating on the same standard you’re natively interoperable with everyone else in the world on it.” — Jack Mallers

Recorded on July 15, 2021.