22 January 2021 · 0 min read

White Hat Panel: DeFi Exploits

In this video, Mariano Conti moderates a panel with White Hat hackers samczsun of Paradigm, maurelian from Optimism, Emiliano Bonassi of Marquet Exchange, Martín Abbatemarco of Open Zeppelin, and Fubuloubu of Yearn.finance. They discuss some of the most recent DeFi exploits and what can DeFi developers do to avoid those in the future.

Panel timstamps:

  • 0:00 Intros // "Have you been rekt"
  • 4:50 Difference between hacks and arbitrage
  • 10:20 How do you approach looking for smart contract vulnerabilities?
  • 22:40 What is the war-room like before or during exploits?
  • 32:08 Escaping the Dark Forest
  • 36:00 Designing a bounty program for Optimism
  • 42:00 DamnVulnerableDeFi.xyz // tagging auditing firms on twitter
  • 48:50 Training the next generation // Yearn Academy
  • 51:15 Designing around Flash Loans & Flash Minting
  • 1:01:50 Do you read the source code for every contract?
  • 1:11:30 Worst case scenario hack
  • 1:20:50 Audience Question: Should fork mainnet testing be used more?
  • 1:23:20 Audience Question: What is the future of smart contract security?
  • 1:28:25 Closing thoughts from the panel

The panel took place at the MarketMake DeFi hackathon on January 13, 2021.