21 October 2019 · 0 min read

What USD 1 million per Bitcoin? John McAfee Now Talks of USD 2 million

Outspoken IT entrepreneur and crypto advocate John McAfee shares his thoughts on the current status of the cryptocurrency market and why he believes the future price of 1 Bitcoin = 2 million USD by 2020 is just fundamental math.

"Next year, in 2020, I promise you, you will see a new set of user interfaces and accesses into the blockchain and cryptocurrency that a three-year-old could figure out in a couple of days time," he said.

"You have an eternally diminishing supply and an eternally increasing demand. <...> If it's less than two million dollars by the end of 2020, then mathematics itself is a flawed," he said stressing that 2019 was "a very good year for building the foundation for 2020 which is going to be the year of explosion for Bitcoin" and the entire cryptocurrency world.

As a reminder, McAfee famously claimed that if he lost his USD 1 million per bitcoin in 2020 bet he would eat his own penis on national television.