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Universal Access to Basic Finance

In this talk, Bitcoin educator Andreas M. Antonopoulos, advocates for protecting and expanding access to universal basic finance, explains why the question of how cryptocurrencies should be regulated is a distraction, and that eradicating cash will not affect the most powerful bad actors, who operate with banking licenses. He also declares that those who develop the surveillance infrastructure have exhibited moral bankruptcy and should face a period of scrutiny over their ethical integrity.

CLARIFICATION by Antonopoulos: "At 16:50, I say that women in Saudi Arabia can't own property and bank accounts. They can, but it is relatively very restricted. To buy or sell property often requires the support of multiple men, male claims on property are held in higher regard than those of women, and they can use a bank account as long as they have permission from their male guardian. They have only recently been encouraged to pursue home ownership themselves."

This talk was delivered on June 12th 2019 at the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit in London, England.