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Travis Kling: Bitcoin is ‘the Hardest Money in Human History’

Bitcoin is the hardest money ever; it’s a hedge against central banks’ policies, and now is the perfect time for crypto – Travis Kling, Chief Investment Officer at crypto asset management firm Ikigai Asset Management, told CNN. We are in “an incredibly interesting time, from global macro perspective,” says Kling, given the current situation with central banks’ and governments’ policies, big tech overreach, government overreach, and data privacy issues, adding that “it appears that crypto has been invented for such a time as this.”

The CIO concludes that Bitcoin is “a hedge from monetary and fiscal irresponsibility from central banks and governments globally.” It has more scarcity than gold, he explains, saying that “in Austrian economics terms, it’s the hardest money in human history.”

Initially not finding Bitcoin as an investible asset class, Kling said he started his major research into the technology in 2017, discovering many revolutionary concepts, and reaching a conclusion that “this technology is going to be the most important innovation since the Internet” and possibly “the most significant investment opportunity of the generation.”

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