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Tony G on Crypto, NFTs and Poker

In this episode of Cryptonews Podcast, our host Matt Zahab interviews Antanas Guoga aka Tony G, a Lithuanian businessman, crypto enthusiast, professional poker player, philanthropist, and CEO of Cypherpunk Holdings. They talk about crypto, NFTs, poker, and much more. Read More

Episode timestamps:

0:00​ - Intro
1:01​ - Life in Dubai
1:53​ - Journey into crypto
3:20​ - Blockchain Centre Vilnius
4:24​ - NFTs
7:10​ - F-1 Delta Time
10:40​ - Lympo & Marc Cuban
13:00​ - Basketball
16:08​ - Cypherpunk Holdings
21:00​ - Sponsored by PrimeXBT
22:20​ - Poker
28:52​ - CoinPoker
29:30​ - Bitcoin
31:15​ - Top sectors in the next 10 years
32:00​ - Confucius
33:20​ - Betting & U.S Elections
35:54​ - Who's opened the biggest door for you?
37:54​ - What gets you going these days?
38:30​ - Outro

The episode premiered on March 25, 2021.

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