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Tim Draper on Success, Entrepreneurship & Bitcoin

In this video, Patrick Tsang, investor, entrepreneur, and host of Anything Is Possible show on YouTube, interviews Tim Draper, venture capitalist and the Founding Partner of Draper Associates, who invested in more than 600 companies in 40 countries, including Tesla, Baidu, SpaceX, Twitch, Hotmail, and many more.

Here, Tim talks about his investments, business, and views on global trends, including Bitcoin.

According to him, "Bitcoin has the potential to be one of the greatest transformative technologies in the history of the world. It comes from Bitcoin, the Blockchain, smart contracts, and then some artificial intelligence, and some surveillance. With those five or six technologies, we can see amazing transformations around the world."


00:00 Introductions
2:38 Entering the VC world
4:48 Biggest setback
10:40 On entrepreneurship
12:24 On regrets
14:43 Rhinos and unicorns
15:27 Tesla reception desk story
19:07 On principles and ethics
21:22 Next Draper mission
30:34 Females in cryptocurrency
36:18 Role model
39:19 Social impact projects
42:57 Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency representation in the media
47:58 Number 1 advice

The video was published on September 14, 2020.