08 October 2019 · 1 min read

This 'Chaos Machine' Burns Fiat and Turns it Into Crypto

Is it a crypto-jukebox? Or a sophisticated toaster? In the special edition of the Chaos Machine, published on summer 2018 by R.U.S.T editions, Bernard Aspe, a french philosopher called it the Exterminating Angel, maybe because the Chaos Machine shows in a spectacular way, either the passage from a fiducial currency to a cryptographic currency, or the emptiness inherent in any monetary abstraction.

the Chaos Machine allows anyone to insert a banknote inside; once inserted, this note falls into the window space and is deposited on a heating resistor, In exchange? The machine will randomly play music and offer the user, via a smart contract, the possibility to integrate a song to the playlist.

This is what happens during the ignition of the banknote:

First, the LCD screen displays a loading-bar representing the Chaos Machine generation of a Chaos Coin. Secondly, music comes out of the chaos-machine through the loudspeakers inside the cabinet. At that point, a small fan is switched on to diffuse the slight smell of burning. Last but not least, a ticket containing the private key which allows you to identify yourself on the Blockchain comes out and represent your right to insert a new song in the playlist.

At the moment, this machine exists in two copies. One is displayed at Schinkel Pavillon in Paris, and the other at FullNode, Berlin. When the ticket burns on one of these Chaos Machines, music is played on both of them simultaneously. So, if one hear music coming out of the Chaos Machine but no bills are burning, then it means that someone else is burning bills on the other Chaos Machine.

You can see the Chaos Machine for yourself in Foire internationale d'art contemporain exhibition on 17-20 October 2019 in Paris.