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The Rise of Blockchain: How To Trust Strangers

Blockchain has been hailed as a revolutionary step forward in how businesses and individuals transact. By combining a decentralized, cryptographically-protected ledger and an incentivized process of transaction verification, blockchain removes elements of mistrust because transactions are transparent-- buyers and sellers can see exactly what the terms were and when they were made. The process is already being applied throughout business operations, data protection, and market transactions. The opportunities are limitless. Is your business ready for blockchain?


Adam Burden
Senior Managing Director and Global Lead, Intelligent Engineering Services, Accenture


Cory Johnson
Chief Market Strategist, Ripple

Tianmin Liu
Vice President, CreditEase; General Manager, YiQiFin

Sopnendu Mohanty
Chief FinTech Officer, Monetary Authority of Singapore

Kaidi Ruusalepp
CEO and Co-Founder, Funderbeam