29 July 2020 · 0 min read

The Most Pivotal Moments in Ethereum's History

In this episode of Unchained Podcast, the show's host Laura Shin interviews Camila Russo, former Bloomberg journalist and founder of the DeFi content platform The Defiant and author of "The Infinite Machine," a new book on Ethereum.

In this conversation, they talk about how currency controls in Argentina got her interested in crypto and why she chose to tell the story of Ethereum.

Speaking about the most pivotal moments for Ethereum, Camila distinguishes several key moments: the beginning when founders were deciding whether it will be a for-profit company or a nonprofit foundation, the remained ICO, the Shanghai test, and the DAO hack.

Later in the episode, they also discuss:

  • How Camila she started covering the crypto space.
  • Living through currency controls in Argentina.
  • Why she started focusing on Ethereum instead of Bitcoin.
  • The Infinite Machine book.
  • Delays and other possible risks to Ethereum 2.0.
  • If competing protocols will take market share away from Ethereum.
  • The most surprising aspect of the Ethereum story.
  • Her own DeFi-focused media platform The Defiant.
  • Her ‘CAMI’ tokens and how they are used.
  • Why ERC-20 tokens have a higher market cap than ETH.
  • Trends and promising projects in the DeFi space.