21 August 2018 · 0 min read

The Missing Piece of the Blockchain

Weakness in Blockchain is driving misallocation of funding and sapping our trust in technology deliverability. Technology is the problem: the fact that we see it as a panacea is problematic. Blockchain is only useful if someone else has one - like a telephone. The first thing you talk about when you hear Blockchain should not be the technology. If you’re looking to solve a problem, committing to a tree of technology can be disruptive. In fact, getting a community on the same page can be the hardest part because Blockchain needs a community to thrive. Jesse McWaters leads the World Economic Forum’s exploration of fintech and financial innovation. His work focuses on bringing together senior financial services executives, leading fintech players and global regulators to understand how new technologies and innovative new entrants are transforming the competitive dynamics of the global financial ecosystem.