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. 1 min read

The Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

Jeff Booth, the author of The Price of Tomorrow: Why Deflation is Key to an Abundant Future, talks with Scott Melker aka The Wolf of All Streets about the speed at which technology is making inflationary policies unsustainable, the ongoing course of the dollar and global markets, and an upcoming crisis that neither rich nor the poor can avoid.

Here, Jeff offers numerous solutions to the government's mistakes - such as buying and holding Bitcoin, holding cash, and investing in tech stocks.

Scott Melker and Jeff Booth further discuss working at the forefront of tech, inflation as a hidden tax on people, a Ponzi scheme of fiat debt, why people used to ignore the crises of the past until its too late, the government propping up the markets, Bitcoin as a lifeboat, the rich moving into missile silos, the non-existent middle class, how time is our most valuable resource, creating generational wealth, going irresponsibly long on Bitcoin, overpriced real estate, inflation vs. deflation, tech monopolies, Bitcoin to $0 or $1,000,000 and much more.

According to Jeff Booth, "this could be the greatest wealth transfer the world has ever seen to the middle class and poor without a revolution because they can make the same vote right now and opt out of the system."

The video was first published on September 22, 2020.