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The Future of Banking

Technology has disrupted certain financial services—think mobile payments—but many banks still struggle to update their legacy platforms. Banks and capital market firms must find the means to comply with demands for real-time solutions from both retail and institutional customers without unsettling their core financing business. Challenges to confront include the implications of increasing numbers of Big Techs venturing into the finance space. Established financial firms may need to address the need to disrupt before they are disrupted. And seamless access and settlement aside, customers need to be cognizant of the array of changes and risks they should prepare for in the near term. (Streamed live on 11 Feb 2020)

Dan Murphy
Anchor, CNBC International

Elissar Farah Antonios
CEO, Citi UAE and Cluster Head for Levant & Iraq, Citi

Steve Jacobs
Managing Partner, BTG Pactual

Sunil Kaushal
Regional CEO, Africa and Middle East, Standard Chartered Bank