19 June 2020 · 0 min read

The First Three Epochs of Bitcoin

In this video, editor and journalist Christie Bitcoin interviews Bitcoin educator and entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos. They discuss the three epochs of bitcoin: history and early days, important historical events, and what's coming up next.

"The fundamental experience of Bitcoin is tik tok - new block," says Andreas at the end of the interview.


0:00 Video Begins
2:05 The Obscure Era (2009-2012) characterized by a small community, meetups were just starting to be organized around the world.
3:18 Striking technology markers: P2SH, pay-to-script-hash; multisig.
5:08 Why were these technologies important? What about them made bitcoin more usable?
5:27 How expanding primitive building blocks in bitcoin expand creativity, allowing 2nd layers (like colored coin, mastercoin / omni).
9:03 The Experiment, Build, and Break Era (2012-2016)
10:00 Quick Riches, Mt. Gox., and the Silk Road.
13:45 Boom and Bust Cycles, clearing out opportunists and allowing focused work.
16:00 The Boom and Bust Era (2016-2020) new financial products and institutional interest
16:38 Second Alt-Coin and ICO Season.
17:50 Every Shark in a Suit...
19:20 More Productivity, LN, Mastering Ethereum, The Internet of Money.
19:58 Prediction for What's Happening Next.
21:05 Tech Upgrades, Maturation of the Lightning Network.
24:44 Milestones
25:30 Tick Tock, New Block