28 July 2020 · 0 min read

The Emerging Bitcoin-Only Industry w/ Jimmy Song & Aleks Svetski

In this episode of Swan Signal show, Brady Swenson, the Head of Education at Swan Bitcoin and Cory Kilppsten, founder of Swan Bitcoin, talk with Jimmy Song, Bitcoin educator, developer, and entrepreneur, and Aleks Svetski, founder of Amber.

They have a fun conversation about Bitcoin maximalism and principles, how Bitcoin impacts individuals and society, the emerging Bitcoin-only industry, how to incentivize people to run nodes, the macroeconomic impact of Bitcoin, and the Spiral Dynamics model.

Episode summary:

00:00:00 - Introductions
00:02:12 - Building on Bitcoin and the virtues of being Bitcoin-only
00:11:38 - Investing in Bitcoin companies and fighting misaligned incentives
00:16:24 - The influence of VC funding
00:20:13 - Why you should support Bitcoin-only companies
00:31:27 - Bitcoin's toxic immune system
00:44:51 - Incentivizing people to run nodes
00:55:49 - How Bitcoin's economic incentives interact with morality
00:53:31 - The undeniable reality of Bitcoin and Bitcoin as a beacon of hope
01:18:54 - The macroeconomic impact of Bitcoin
01:25:51 - The Spiral Dynamics model
01:32:29 - Closing thoughts