26 April 2019 · 1 min read

Surviving the Bear Market: Women in Crypto

Meet the participants of this discussion: - Daisy Ozim, Founder of Resilient Wellness, a public health startup designed to reestablish cultural medicine access for marginalized communities. Past experience in the public sector for social justice inspired her to start the Blockchain for Social Justice collective. A platform designed to promote education and access of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for marginalized communities. - Olga V. Mack, VP Strategy at Quantstamp, a decentralized security auditing blockchain platform. Olga is a blockchain and distributed ledger technology strategist and security professional. She co-authored Fundamentals of Smart Contracts Security (Momentum Press, March 2019) and she is writing a book about blockchain and distributed ledger technology business models. Olga leads the Smart Contracts Security Alliance to help enterprises innovate in blockchain securely. - Cindy-Anne Lewis, Director of Marketing and Communication at Dispatch. In previous roles she headed up marketing for Intel & Ericsson in sub-Saharan Africa, and is passionate about driving Blockchain for social good in Africa and emerging markets. She is also one of the co-founders of The X-Change, which is a women in blockchain networking group. - Harshitha Kilari, General Partner at Decipher Capital, a San Francisco-based venture capital fund focused on supporting pre-seed and seed companies building solutions in the blockchain ecosystem. - Moderator: Karen Salay has over 15 years of experience selling enterprise software and doing sales/channels and marketing for startups. She currently provides sales and go to market services for blockchain companies and is an advisor at the Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and for several other companies.