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Superstar Akon on Akoins And Crypto Opportunities In Africa

The world's largest emerging market, Africa, is on the fast-track for innovation and financial growth. In this video, superstar singer and "chief visionary of AKoin," Akon, Lynn Liss, co-founder and CEO of AKoin, and AKoin's president Jon Karas talk about unleashing the economic opportunity in Africa with their cryptocurrency project AKoins, and how their project is leading the charge.

"In certain parts of Africa cell phone minutes is money. I know kids that have over a million minutes. They're like millionaires and you can literally buy and purchase fruits, goods, t-shirts, hats from vendors literally on the street. It's like if you don't have the actual currency, it's cool to give me a thousand minutes for it. And this is an actual real transaction. So we created a mechanical mechanism within the AKoin system where you can literally trade your minutes for a coins and vice versa," said Akon.

"Our mission is to help get tools for entrepreneurs for education for social impact to get those into the hands of the people and to help them find their way to that. So all of you that are building great things, we want to help them get into the hands of users. You may have the greatest innovation in the world but the tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it. Did you make a sound? We want to make sure the sound is super loud," added Jon Karas.
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