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Steve Cho, Partner at Mechanism Capital, on Web3 VC funding and the Current Crypto Market Landscape


Steve Cho is Head of Mechanism Play and Partner at Mechanism Capital.  Prior to Mechanism, Steve was focused on growing the games business for the App Store.  He was the subject matter expert on NFTs and blockchain technologies for the store and helped inform and educate other parts of Apple as well including App Review, Apple Pay and Apple Music to name a few.  He also focused on User Generated Content experiences and performance marketing.  Before Apple, Steve lead business development efforts at two startups both in the mobile ad technology.  In 2013, it was at his first startup, Kiip, where he discovered Bitcoin, and has been coin collecting ever since.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Web3 VC funding
- Current crypto market landscape
- Learnings from working at start-ups
- Working at Apple
- Strategies for navigating the bear market
- Synergies between web2 and web3 gaming
- Web 3 performance marketing
- Investing in the right teams
- AR/VR devices
- Profitable and popular genres of web3 games