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Solving the QuadrigaCX Conspiracy

In this podcast, Jesse Powell, CEO of major cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, discusses a case of QuadrigaCX, a troubled Canadian cryptocurrency exchange. As reported, Kraken is giving up to USD 100,000 USD (fiat or crypto) as a reward for the tip(s) that best lead to the discovery of the missing USD 190 million US dollars.” Meanwhile, according to a report from cryptocurrency and blockchain blog Zerononcense, which they claim was curated by their own CEO, Powell himself, and Taylor Monahan, CEO of Ethereum wallet MyCrypto, the funds are currently most likely held at Kraken, Bitfinex, and Poloniex. However, Kraken's spokesperson told [I][/I], that the exchange doesn’t have any of the missing funds.

Kraken and Binance Launch Two USD 100k Competitions