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Running Your Own Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Lightning Network Node

In this video, Bitcoin educator and entrepreneur Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains how to run various nodes in the crypto ecosystem.

Video timestamps:

0:00:00 Waiting — Subscribing — the anticipation!
0:03:59 STARTS HERE in Spanish
0:07:45 What is a node? Please explain what bitcoin, ethereum and lightning nodes are. How they are alike and how they are different? Why would I want to run a node? Is it profitable?
0:18:52 Do I run a node?
0:20:11 I assume, that when I have a node I can look my transaction on it instead of using a block explorer. So my question is, how do I look that data up on my node? [zcsdu89zu8hfirew7zcdsoiuz74398]
0:25:53 What's your opinion on these easy-to-install full nodes packages ? Umbrel has gotten lots of attention lately, but also myNode, RoninDojo etc. Those project being open-source, can we trust them as much as compiling Bitcoin Core from source? [Ian]
0:33:03 Hi, is it necessary to get a second internet connection exclusively for my node, or is it safe to run it inside my home/companies network regarding attacks/safety? [NOT Andreas]
0:37:08 How do I know which node my hardware wallet is connecting to first my node or the wallet providers node) and how do i get my hardware wallet to connect to my node by default ? [Didier]
0:39:45 Does running a node at home make you a target? [ixaeon]
0:40:32 Break for, workshops and more
0:41:45 Thank you to supporters, Patreons, Builders and everyone who makes this possible
0:44:45 Hi Andreas, what do you think about running a bitcoin node behind tor? I already have a normal full-node hosted in my home-lan, and I know that tor is about anonymity, but I dont get which use-cases would benefit from tor.... [Davide]
0:52:23 What would a more advanced node set-up look like? For example if I would like my node to be able to do atomic swaps with other cryptocurrencies over lightning? What could a more advanced node do? [My name is Optional]
0:56:40 Hi Andreas, what would one need to set up a Lightning node? What advantages does it offer? Do you need a Lightning node in order to do Lightning transactions? [Giovanni]
1:01:02 Is there any advantage of running 2 or more LN nodes? Balancing? Privacy? Anything? (edited) [MB]
1:02:29 Should I run a separate node to set up lightning channels? what is happening on my node when I initiate a lightning channel?
1:05:15 What type of computing power is needed to run my own node? Are the specs available for the minimum requirement? As always I can only assume, biggest & fastest is best, but I really have no idea.
1:13:59 No question. Just love. You are AWESOME. Thank you for everything you do. In my circles you're known simply as The Greek :-) (edited)
1:14:37 Thank you and wrap-up

The session was live-streamed on February 7, 2021.