17 March 2021 · 0 min read

Robert Breedlove: Fixing the Biggest Scam with Bitcoin

In this video, crypto trader, DJ, and The Wolf of All Streets, Scott Melker interviews Robert Breedlove of Parallax Digital. They talk about money, thinking in dollars, central banking, and the digital age.

Other topics covered in the episode include:

  • Answering the question: "What is money?"
  • Thinking in dollars
  • The study of central banking
  • Why pay taxes if the government can print
  • A digital age renaissance
  • The central bank scam
  • Bitcoin as a barometer
  • Freedom of economic speech
  • The 5 properties of money
  • Enrichment vs dilution
  • Bitcoin as a call option on the future gold standard
  • Physical vs digital gold

The video premiered on March 11, 2021.