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Ripple’s Schwartz on Cryptocurrencies As A Tool For Financial Liberty

David Schwartz, CTO of Ripple, speaks about joining the crypto space, decentralized systems, advantages of XRP Ledger, future of DeFi and NFTs, different crypto use cases, regulations, technological advancements, and problems with the adoption of blockchain technologies. He is interviewed by MouseBelt’s Roshan Mirajkar.

Interview timestamps:

0:00 Introduction
1:15 How David Got Into Crypto
4:06 Money Printing, Remittances And Ripple
6:17 Future Of Commerce
9:00 XRP Infrastructure
12:09 XRP Ledger Competitive Advantage
15:14 Future Of DeFi
18:21 Use Cases Of Ripple And Crypto
22:58 Value Of Federated Side Chains
26:50 Competitive Advantages Of Different Projects
31:16 Launching National CBDCs
35:26 Regulations Keeping Up WIth Tech
40:34 Regional Implementation Of Laws
46:34 Decentralized Systems Vs Traditional Finance
50:31 THe Most Optimistic Thing In Crypto
55:30 Advice For Entrepreneurs
58:37 Reaching out David And Ripple

The talk took place at the Reimagine 2021 v.10.0 conference on August 15, 2021.