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Raoul Pal & Jim Bianco: Everything Has Changed Since 2019


There’s no going back to 2019, according to Jim Bianco, and the sooner we accept reality the better we’ll be able to see new opportunities. The post-pandemic global economy is fundamentally different, and the “easy money” era is over. 

That’s why the next three months will be such a crucial time for investors. And, at Real Vision, we want to make sure you’re prepared. Our new “Make or Break” series focuses on four key market drivers that could make or break the economy: Inflation, Energy, China, and Geopolitics. 

In the first episode, Raoul Pal welcomes the founder of Bianco Research for a talk about inflation and the longer-term implications of soaring consumer prices. Raoul and Jim agree on many issues – that the U.S. is already in recession, for one. But they also disagree on other big points, such as inflation. 

As Jim sees it, the Federal Reserve is going to crush inflation, but consumer prices are still going to settle at a higher level. This is a can’t-miss conversation between two great macro minds on a critical “Make or Break” issue.