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Raoul Pal: I Don’t Think Banks Deserve To Stay

In this video interview, Simon Dixon, investor and host of the Bitcoin HARDTalk show, interviews Raoul Pal, former hedge fund manager and co-founder of Real Vision Finance.

Here, they discuss what elite investors think of Bitcoin. During the interview, Raoul reveals his thoughts on the current state of traditional finance and how everyone should prepare for further technology-incited changes.

"Change is coming. Be on the right side of change. Fighting change usually doesn't help, so there are opportunities within this to really move the dial. It's really rare that within our lifetimes we see such opportunities and such tectonic shifts. The media industry fall - tectonic shift. The music industry, the publishing industry - all of these things - that is Marc Andreessen's 'software is eating the world.' It's destroying everything around it. Bitcoin is destroying the financial world and you're being given this enormous tectonic shift, so why would you not take it?"