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Ramani Ramachandran, CEO of Router Labs, on Cross-Chain Communication, Bridges, and AI


Ramani Ramachandran (Ram) is the Founder and CEO of Router Labs, which runs Router Protocol, a cross-chain infrastructure project, and Dfyn, a cross-chain AMM. Ram has been in crypto since 2014. Before Crypto, Ram was in the financial services industry and spent time across various functions, including product management, research, fundraising, and investments across the US, Europe, and Asia.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Ram’s crypto inception story
- Cross-chain communication
- Router Protocol use cases
- Cross-chain communication issues
- Security, scalability and decentralization
- How does Router differ from its competitors
- Waiting for web3 use cases to play out
- Present-day AI
- Bridges
- Mahadev initiative