18 November 2020 · 0 min read

Bitcoin & The Law w/ Rafael Yakobi & Jake Chervinsky

In this episode of Swan Signal podcast, crypto lawyers Rafael Yakobi and Jake Chervinsky join Brady Swenson, the head of education at Swan, to talk about the legal and regulatory aspects of Bitcoin, including the infamous Travel Rule, regulations surrounding financial privacy, banking regulations, and much more.

Episode timestamps:

00:00 Introduction
05:30 New Bitcoin Regulations
08:21 Travel Rule Implications
11:55 FINCEN Proposals and Concerns
13:53 Lowering Thresholds v.s Expanding Requirements
16:07 Potential Problems with New Rules Requirements
18:00 Effects on Financial Privacy
22:08 FATF Functionality and Global Impact
27:45 Bitcoin and Legal Attack Vectors
34:50 On the Topic of Privacy
47:00 Privacy and the Lightning Network
51:07 The War AGainst End-to-End Encryption
54:00 Cypher Punks Write Code
59:39 Legal Action Against BitMEX
1:10:00 Closing Thoughts
1:13:36 SSL Sign-Off

The episode was live streamed on November 17, 2020.