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Protecting Your Assets with Jameson Lopp

In this video, crypto trader Scott Melker aka The Wolf of All Streets interviews Jameson Lopp, CTO at bitcoin security firm Casa. They talk about the importance of security and privacy when dealing with crypto.

Jameson Lopp joined the Bitcoin community in 2014, attracted by both its technological and philosophical use cases. His passion for security and privacy led him to jobs protecting both high-level institutional-grade crypto holders and individuals. Having been the victim of a series of coordinated sophisticated attacks, Jameson has been forced to become a leading expert on cybersecurity. His unique experiences led him to develop his own company, Casa, which frees users from the stress of self custody.

Scott and Jameson further discuss experiencing multiple bull cycles, the great lengths one must go to secure crypto, Bitcoin’s largest threats, a nation-state attack on Bitcoin, apathy killing Bitcoin, SIM swapping and SWAT attacks, buying a burner house, moving off the grid, Coinbase’s political controversy, Satoshi’s secret identity, the criminal interest cycle, going dark for good and more.

The interview was shared on October 22, 2020.