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PlanB on The Beauty & Threats Surrounding Bitcoin

In this video, Angelo Robles, CEO & Founder, Family Office Association, interviews PlanB, Dutch Institutional Investor and creator of the Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin valuation model. They talk about Bitcoin's stock-to-flow, misconceptions, threats to Bitcoin, and much more.

Episode timestamps:

0:57- PlanB's background & what makes up his s2f model.
2:02- Why do people invest in Bitcoin & how does the s2f model measure scarcity?
4:28- Time series model vs. the Cross asset model.
5:52- What would cause him to change his opinion about BTC?
8:13- What would he say to those who have challenged him?
15:20- Due to the immense respect he has been given, is he fueling the irrational exuberance of the market?
19:35- Will BTC surpass the market for public stocks?
23:07- Is Ether digital oil?
25:54- BTC has dropped 90% before, will this happen again & why?
29:58- What would be the one question he would ask Satoshi?
31:35- Potential threats to BTC.
35:40- What is the significance of the BTC block reward in the genesis block?
38:50- Will the gov't benefit from taxing BTC annually, similar to real estate?
42:10- Creation of "Crypto Valley."
47:03- How has the dollar lost its purchasing power; why is BTC more of an asset than a currency?
52:03- What makes BTC great & what are the associated scam projects, copies, & narratives?
58:57- Why is Satoshi's anonymity an integral part of making BTC a success?
1:03:20- Money laundering & chain analytics.
1:07:07- Conspiracy theories about US gov't involvement.
1:12:39- Quantum computing & the future of bitcoin security.
1:15:46- What is something unique he hasn't published yet?
--- Audience Q's —
1:24:42- Power consumption, climate change and bitcoin mining.
1:27:39- Could governments create their own digital coin?
1:28:47- Thoughts on a bitcoin ETF.
1:30:48- Changes in supply & demand during each halving cycle.
1:34:15- Do younger generations have to take self-responsibility to become educated on this subject; what does he look for when hiring?
1:39:38- Futures market & hedging the downside.