27 May 2021 · 0 min read

PlanB: Bitcoin Will Hit USD 288,000

In this video, Scott Melker aka The Wolf of All Streets, interviews PlanB, institutional investor with more than 25 years of investing experience and the creator of Stock-to-Flow Bitcoin price predictive model.

He predicts that Bitcoin will hit USD 288K or even higher during the current cycle.

Episode timestamps:

0:00 Intro:
1:12 Where are we in the bull cycle?
3:29 Onchain data
6:27 Do we see supply side shock on exchanges?
7:28 How PlanB developed Stock-To-Flow model
11:04 Halving in the Stock-To-Flow model
12:18 The Stock-To-Flow model accuracy
13:20 Stock-To-Flow Cross Asset model
17:53 What happens after BTC hits $288K
21:35 Bitcoin scarcity
24:40 $100 trillion USD
27:02 Sponsor: Nexo
27:56 Sponsor: Cosmos
28:58 Why do we still use fiat based economies?
31:24 Financial education, or the lack of it
32:46 What Bitcoin can do for you?
37:45 Will central banks have Bitcoin on balance sheets
40:00 The end game for the USD
42:43 Can Bitcoin become the new world reserve currency?
45:33 Will pension funds invest in Bitcoin
48:01 Bitcoin's number one risk
49:46 Why CBDCs will fail
51:26 Scarcity in the Stock-To-Flow model
54:55 Derivatives' role in Bitcoin's valuation
58:07 $5,000,000 Bitcoin
59:30 How many Bitcoin are lost
1:00:50 Altcoins explosion & Elon Musk

The episode premiered on May 20, 2021.