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. 1 min read

Peter Brandt: Bitcoin Can Go To USD 100K

In the very first episode of Trade Gods, Scott Melker, aka Wolf of All Streets, talks to the trading legend Peter Brandt. From mastering commodities to writing a best seller book on trading, Peter has experienced every facet of being a successful trader and thought leader who has been thriving in the markets for nearly five decades.

Episode timestamps

0:00 Intro
1:49 What makes you unique as a trader?
3:37 Alpha 5
4:47 What does your risk management strategy look like?
8:00 What percentage of your total portfolio are you willing to trade with?
9:34 Describe your average day as a trader
12:49 What was your first charting experience and how did the evolution of technology change your trading?
14:47 How did you overcome the burnout?
17:26 How did you become famous?
20:00 How did you get into Bitcoin?
25:25 Peter Brandt’s best trades
29:14 Peter Brandt’s worst trades
32:54 How did you end up in the position beyond your managed risk?
39:26 How much out of $100K should be invested in Bitcoin?
42:39 Why did you increase your recommendation to invest in Bitcoin from 10% to 20%
45:30 95% of traders fail, what percentage profit can professional traders expect?
50:30 Peter Brandt’s outlook for Bitcoin?
51:54 The life goal as a trader?
55:24 What are you teaching?
58:00 Bitcoin’s price at the end of 2020

The episode was first published on December 15, 2020.