02 September 2021 · 0 min read

Pantera's Suki Yang on How Crypto Integrates to Life Post COVID

Suki Yang, Quantitative Researcher at Pantera Capital, talks about what moves crypto prices up and down, what to look for at specific coins, DeFi, identifying opportunities, a correlation between different assets, and what are the future expectation in the market. She is interviewed by MouseBelt's Adam Leon.


0:00 Introduction
1:50 Going To Events
3:05 How Did Suki Got Into Crypto?
4:46 What Is Pantera Capital?
6:16 Time Allocation
8:25 What Do You Look At Specific Coins?
11:10 Identifying Opportunities
14:24 Correlation Of Different Assets
17:33 Traditional Markets Affecting Crypto
18:20 Blockchain Disrupting VCs
21:15 Biggest Advantages Of Pantera Capital?
24:57 Diversification Vs Concentration
26:51 Current Trends
29:20 Bear Markets And Maturity Of The Market
31:34 Interest In Crypto
33:51 Resources To Invested Projects
35:42 Forecast
38:20 DeFi Affecting Markets
40:08 Summary And Hearing More About Pantera

The talk took place at the Reimagine 2021 v.10.0 conference on August 15, 2021.