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My Bitcoin Transaction Has Been Stuck for 10 days. Is My Bitcoin Gone?

In this video, Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains the atomicity principle and what to do about stuck transactions.


0:00 Question "I transferred my bitcoin with too low of a fee and it's been unconfirmed for 10 days. What should I do?"
0:36 Bitcoin transactions have atomicity, it doesn't disappear in transit
1:27 Your wallet may hide this from you to prevent an accidental double spend
2:17 Features of great bitcoin wallets include Replace by Fee (RBF) or Child Pays For Parent (CPFP)
2:52 Your bitcoin is still yours!

This question came from the GameStop, DeFi, the Queen's Gambit & More [Bitcoin Ethereum Crypto Open Topic Q&A] on January 30, 2021.