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Michael Saylor on The Failures of Fiat

In this episode of What Is Money show, host Robert Breedlove interviews Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, as they discuss the failures of fiat money.

Episode timestamps:

00:00:00 “What is Money?” Intro 
00:00:05 NYDIG 
00:01:23 The Purpose of Currency 
00:06:54 Fiat Currency Applications 
00:10:03 Inflation is the Major Problem of Fiat 
00:13:00 Fiat Enables Government Confiscation 
00:14:27 The Conundrum of Money 
00:16:17 Fiat Hypothecation and Authentication 
00:20:22 Restrictions on Fiat Transfer Volume 
00:22:16 Impedances are Property Right Impairments 
00:23:09 Fiat Transportation, Credit, and Securities Risks 00:24:56 The Base Layer of Fiat is Defective 
00:26:16 The Application Layer of Fiat is Random and Manual 00:28:55 No Financial, Mathematical, or Moral Integrity 
00:30:35 The Two Fundamental Shortcomings of Fiat 
00:33:16 “High Frequency Final Settlement Creates Reality” 00:35:29 The “Spacetime Constants” for Cryptoassets 
00:37:17 What Happens When You Triple Gravity… 
00:38:32 The Reynolds Number and Fluid Dynamics 
00:39:38 Bitcoin is the E=MC^2 of Money 
00:41:20 The Fundamental Basis of Integrity 
00:42:46 Constantly Changing Rules Create Insanity 
00:44:50 Bitcoin is a Digital Monetary Virus 
00:46:05 “The Living Truth Nebula” 
00:47:00 The Path to the Ideal Technology for Money 
00:47:51 Robert's Outro

The episode premiered on September 13, 2021.