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Mark van Rijmenam, The Digital Speaker, on the Need for an Open Metaverse and AI


Dr Mark van Rijmenam is The Digital Speaker. He is a leading future tech strategist who thinks about how technology changes organizations, society and the metaverse. Dr Mark van Rijmenam is an international keynote speaker, 4x author and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Datafloq and the author of the book on the metaverse: Step into the Metaverse: How the Immersive Internet Will Unlock a Trillion-Dollar Social Economy.

Dr Van Rijmenam is one of the leading voices in technology and known for his candid, educated and balanced views on how technology can benefit but also threaten society. Van Rijmenam's mission is to help large organizations and governments benefit from innovative emerging technologies, while ensuring that it is done ethically and responsibly. Recently, he founded the Digital Futures Institute, which focuses on ensuring a fair digital future for everyone. The research institute uses innovative storytelling to deliver a deep understanding of digital technology and its long-term implications for all levels of society.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- The need for an open metaverse
- Why crypto will make the metaverse go round
- Why NFTs are so revolutionary
- The dangers of the metaverse
- Crypto specific AI use cases
- Public speaking tips + tricks
- Metaverse = the next iteration of the internet
- Being in the internet vs being on the internet
- AI and GPT-3