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Marina Guryeva, Founder and CEO of Neon Labs, developer behind Neon EVM, Director of CyberFund

Marina Guryeva is the Founder and CEO of Neon Labs, and the developer behind Neon EVM, the gateway for Ethereum-based applications to access the scalability and liquidity of Solana without changing its codebase. Actively involved in the blockchain space since 2015, she was the Director of CyberFund, a platform that invested in blockchain startups. She joined Commun, a blockchain-based social network, as Director in 2019 to spearhead blockchain-based social networking run by self-governed communities. In 2021, Marina founded Neon Labs to bring Solana's scalability and low transaction costs to the Ethereum ecosystem. 

In this conversation we discuss: 

- Solana breakpoint in Lisbon 
- Solana ($SOL) 
- Scaling ETH on Solana blockchain 
- Live on mainnet on December 12th 
- FTX relationship with Solana 
- User experience over costs 
- Invalidating the Solana “Ethereum killer” thesis 
- Ethereum’s high gas fees and low throughput 
- Solidity vs. Rust 
- Learning Rust 
- A day in the life of Marina