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Liam Herbst, Growth at Stealth NFT Startup, on NFTs, $BLUR, and $PEPE


Liam is leading the go-to-market strategy for a new NFT company currently in stealth mode. He previously worked with BasedAF, Blur, and DeSo, and his NFT trading journey began in January 2021 with NBA Top Shot.

Before getting into NFTs, Liam worked at a startup accelerator called On Deck. He graduated from the Ivey School of Business at Western University and played four years of professional junior hockey.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Why NFT business models are broken
- The long-term bull case for NFTs
- How to get a job in NFTs
- NFT perps
- The history of Pepe and the power of memes
- The importance of L2s
- How Polygon is killing it with early NFT partnerships
- Not training and running a marathon in sub 4hrs
- Liam’s hockey career + injury
- Career transition into business and crypto