15 February 2023 · 0 min read

Josh Kriger, Co-Founder of Edge of NFT, on the Next Intersection of Tech and Entertainment

Josh Kriger is the Co-Founder of Edge of NFT (formerly known as NFT LA) and Co-Host of The Edge of NFT Podcast. He is a serial entrepreneur from Boston, who has launched and consulted with businesses across various industries (food, fashion, art, and entertainment). Josh is ex big 5 senior manager and led an array of multi-million, complex data analytics and geospatial data projects. Josh has dabbled and then some with data analytics/visualization and marketplaces, and he enjoys sports games and funky art with a message.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Why was NFT LA created (now Outer Edge LA)
- Reasoning behind the name change; NFT LA to Outer Edge LA
- The secret sauce of acquiring speakers for conferences
- The next intersection of tech and culture/entertainment
- How technology is enabling more personalized and immersive experiences for creators to connect with consumers than ever before
- Growing a food delivery service well before Uber Eats
- Giving IRL plots of land at the conference