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Joel Dietz on Creating Ethereum, MetaMask and MetaMetaVerse | CryptoNews Podcast #164

Joel Dietz is the Founder of MetaMetaVerse and is a serial entrepreneur & intellectual historian who helped found several key initiatives in the cryptocurrency space, including Ethereum, MetaMask, the first smart contract educational channel, and the first academic work on cryptoeconomics. His research interests focus on the confluence of blockchain network topologies and swarm intelligence, especially how the principles undergirding decentralized organizations can be used to fuel global innovation. He also works on holonic philosophy, the evolution of jurisprudence, data-driven approaches to innovation, and smart city data architecture.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Creating MetaMask and Ethereum 
- ETH = programmable money 
- Building MetaMask 
- MetaMask token … will it happen? 
- Vitalik Buterin doing CrossFit 
- Sharing ideas through our minds 
- Rendering experiences 
- King of France + Mississippi stock history story 
- Building your own metaverse via AI generator 
- Shopify of metaverses 
- Governments benefitting from the metaverse 
- New world royalty 
- Learning the rules of physics