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Jacobc.eth, Founder at Hyperplay and Founding Contributor at Mantle, Decentralised Trust, and more


Jacobc.eth is the Founder of Hyperplay and Founding Contributor at Mantle. Prior to joining Mantle, Jacobc.eth was Operations Lead at MetaMask, developing growth and monetisation strategies for the leading crypto wallet and its parent company, ConsenSys Software, where he spent over four years.

Jacobc.eth has spearheaded innovation across a variety of industries, serving as Chief Technology Officer for Concierge Auctions, the largest online marketplace for luxury real estate, Chief Technology Officer for Merlin Labs, an autonomous aviation technology company, and Director of Innovation at Berkshire Hathaway's HomeServices of America, the largest real estate company in the world.

In this conversation, we discuss:

- Creating decentralized trust
- Cryptoeconomic security
- (Re)staking innovation
- Modular L2s
- Account abstraction
- Infrastructure to sustain Web3’s vibrant #BUIDLer ecosystem
- Partnership-driven approaches
- Sustainable blockchain innovation
- Token Curated Registry (TCR)
- True ethos of the internet
- Decentralizing access to information