29 June 2021 · 0 min read

Jack Mallers: Bringing Bitcoin to El Salvador

In this interview, John Darsie, Managing Director at SALT Talks, and Brett S. Messing, Partner. President, and Chief Operating Officer at SkyBridge, talk to Jack Mallers, Founder and CEO of Zap, a bitcoin investment and payments company that transacts over the Lightning Network. They talk about Jack's business, how he brought Bitcoin to El Salvador, Bitcoin, and much more.


0:00 - Introduction
3:40 - Strike's remittance trial in El Salvador 
12:20 - How Strike uses Bitcoin’s Lightning Network
17:20 - How layer 2 protocols can improve Bitcoin for remittances
19:06 - Bitcoin & El Salvador: the full story
25:20 - The process of onboarding entire countries
32:40 - Advantages of making Bitcoin legal tender
38:00 - Reasons for phasing out USDT
40:00 - Driving global Bitcoin adoption
45:00 - How is Bitcoin’s volatility changing?

The talk premiered on June 23, 2021.