27 April 2021 · 0 min read

Is It Too Late to Buy Bitcoin?

In this entertaining video, CTO Larsson explains his view on whether it is already too late to buy bitcoin, will the governments ban it, and will it be changed by a new emerging blockchain like Ethereum.


0:00 Is it too late to buy Bitcoin?
0:57 On way to 8 billion subs
1:18 How many people use Bitcoin?
2:00 Investment methodologies
2:20 Is it a scam or shady?
4:11 Will the government ban it?
4:20 World is becoming global
5:31 Bitcoin is the next step of globalization
6:40 Country-local politician’s response
8:30 Will the government ban it? - Conclusion
9:11 Is it too high already?
11:16 What about Ethereum?
12:46 Can I pay at the deli?
14:02 Will they steal my cash?
14:30 Investing in global technology like Bitcoin
15:15 Current Bitcoin trend status
15:21 Bitcoin is inclusive
15:30 Pls share

The video premiered on April 26, 2021.