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Is Crypto Finally Growing Up?

"Facebook has announced a new currency, institutions are investing in cryptocurrencies, bitcoin futures can now be settled for physical delivery, and central bankers are mulling digital currencies. ""Crypto"" seems to be becoming mainstream, no longer a fringe idea struggling in a regulatory netherworld. How this development occurred and the opportunities it presents for issuers and investors is a topic for lively discussion. A pressing issue is whether crypto is primarily going to be an investible asset as a substitute for gold, or will it help solve the problem—largely intractable to date—of financial inclusion by revolutionizing global payments and other financial services. Cutting-edge developments in the crypto ecosystem have long-reaching implications for the financial future. (Streamed live on 11 Feb 2020)

Staci Warden
Executive Director, Global Market Development, Milken Institute

Michael Gronager
Co-Founder and CEO, Chainalysis

Navin Gupta
Managing Director, South Asia and MENA, Ripple

George Kikvadze
Executive Vice President, The Bitfury Group

Simon Seojoon Kim
Managing Director and CEO, Hashed

Mike Novogratz
Founder and CEO, Galaxy Digital