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Improving D-Governance, Polkadot Launch, Sushi vs Uniswap & BuilDAO Roadmap

In this video, the Layer1 teams sit down with Dillon Chen from Edgeware (EDG) to discuss crypto governance improvements, earning a parachain slot on Polkadot, the "Lockdrop" and "Fair Distribution" practices in DeFi, building Edgeware's ecosystem via BuildDAO, and his thoughts on SushiSwap versus Uniswap rivalry.

The Layer1 team sits down w/ Dillon Chen of Edgeware to discuss improving Governance in Crypto, earning a Parachain slot on Polkadot, the "Lockdrop" and Fair Distribution practices in DeFi, building Edgeware's ecosystem through BuilDAO, and his thoughts on Sushiswap vs Uniswap.

Interview timestamps:

0:00 Start
2:40 Dillon’s Story
3:45 Edgeware Intro
4:49 Breaking down the “Lockdrop”
8:31 Governance in Crypto
9:45 YFI and Fair Distribution
10:53 Voter Apathy and On-Chain Governance
13:00 Protocol Politicians
14:13 Proposals on Edgeware
17:00 Polkadot Launch
19:45 Parachain and Auction Process
24:49 Scaling Issues and Ethereum
32:28 Edgeware Treasury and Roadmap
35:35 BuilDAO
37:50 Identity and Reputation Products on Edgeware
42:00 What are you excited for most on Edgeware?
44:00 What DeFi BAGS are you holding?!
47:05 Why don’t DeFi products get audits?
49:58 Uniswap vs Sushi
52:20 Exchanges and Governance
54:56 Book Recommendation

The podcast was published on September 9, 2020.