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How Will Bitcoin Societal Transition Play Out?

In this episode of Swan Signal podcast, the show's host Brady Swenson talks with two bearded Bitcoin developers: Jameson Lopp, the CTO of Casa, and Eric Martindale, cypherpunk and developer of Fabric Protocol.

They share their perspective on the events of 2020, Bitcoin's societal transition from the power of the state, why they were initially interested in Bitcoin, Cada and private key security, the Fabric Protocol, and layer 3 solutions for the Bitcoin network.

Episode summary:

0:00 Introductions
2:14 Perspective on current Bitcoin events
7:27 How will Bitcoin transition play out?
14:27 Why were you originally interested in Bitcoin?
18:48 Societal transition away from State power
34:06 Most pivotal moment in Bitcoin history
38:36 What does Casa do?
44:54 Will keys get centralized in third party custodians?
51:30 What is the Fabric Protocol?
1:02:16 Is it challenging to building on Layer 3 of Bitcoin?
1:08:34 Wrap up

The conversation was live-streamed on August 19, 2020.