18 May 2020 · 0 min read

Halving 2020: The Bitcoin Reformation with Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester is one of Bitcoin’s longest-standing research analysts who’s been through all three mining reward halvings. In this conversation, he recalls how his study of financial history and subsequent worry about our financial system’s inflationary risks led him to a 2010 post from Satoshi Nakamoto laying out bitcoin’s value proposition as digital gold. He describes his first bitcoin bubble from USD 1 to USD 30 and the fears that existed during the first two halvings that weren’t present for the third. Tuur also states that while retail is not yet flooding back into Bitcoin, institutions, family offices and billionaires are. According to Tuur, the bottom is in, he doesn’t see BTC going below USD 6,000 and that USD 50,000 - USD 100,000 BTC is back in scope. How significant USD 100,000 bitcoin actually is however, depends on the buying power of the US dollar given recent actions from the Federal Reserve. (This video published on May 18, 2020).

Satoshi's explanation: 5:02
Institutional money: 16:44
The bull market is here: 31:25